JULY 2019 - Earlier in the year, the Indonesian tourism authority made public statements to the effect that they would soon close down Komodo Island for, at the very least, a year, but possibly for good due to people stealing the infamous Komodo dragons. 

After living in Asia for nearly a decade, I still had not been to the area and, because it has always been near the top of my "bucket list", I knew that I would have to visit before it was too late.

With a business trip in Bali earlier in July, I knew that it may be my last opportunity to visit, so I immediately booked a ticket to Flores -the gateway to the Komodo Islands- as well.

To say that the islands were incredible is an understatement. They far exceeded the lofty expectations I had ever since I was a kid. Simply put, it's one of the world's most dramatically beautiful destinations. 

These photos were just from a few short days there. I cannot wait to go back.

Have a look at the video below for a taste, then flip through the photo album below. 


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