After not seeing each other for nearly a decade, an old friend and I decided to go on a trip together when he came to visit Southeast Asia.

Despite living in Asia for nearly a decade, I had never really been to Laos before and, since he hadn't been there either, we thought it would be a nice opportunity for us to both see something new. 

I found Laos to be quite surprising from a few different perspectives: 1. I could easily get around by speaking Thai to people here and in some cases could even understand Lao language by virtue of its lingual similarities. 2. Although there are definitely some overlaps culturally, Laos is still quite different from Thailand in terms of its 'feel'. 3. we thought at the time that Laos "felt" much nicer than it looks in pictures.

The final surprise came only after the trip as I started to look through some of the images that came out of it. Because it was more of a friend trip than a photo trip, and also because I was more wrapped up in the "feel, I actually did not expect to capture so many stunning images. Quite simply, Laos was visually amazing from a photographic standpoint. There were some areas like Kuang Si Falls in Luang Prabang that just look amazing in photos. But please judge for yourself! 

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